Gentle Monster

Director Erik Madigan Heck’s beautifully affected cinematic interpretation of the sunglasses brand Gentle Monster collaboration with Tilda Swinton.

Ms. Swinton’s artistic and creative direction was channeled into an exclusive collection capturing the actress’s sensibility. Her collaboration can be traced throughout the designs and visual concepts of the line and in this film itself. 

,while editor Will Town expertly crafted the offline cut. Pull crafted and facilitated the incredible score for the film and Gloss provided the color correction and VFX.Gentle Monster built a page around the collaboration here…

Colaborators: Tilda Swinton, Dop: Yorick Le Saux Wardrobe, Stylist: Jerry Stafford, Costume Designer: aganovich, Choreographer + Stunt Director:pascal Guegan,
Production Design: erroute Ouest / Laure Girardeau / Antoine Riviere, Post Supervision: picture Farm, Post: Editor will Town



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